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April 21 -   The Bone Appetit Fashion Awards

If you were to ask an average Bone Appetit fan how to describe Duluth's Sexiest Band, invariably they would mention the band's stage fashions.

Since the earliest days of Bone Appetit, part of the performance came from the flamboyant and sometimes outrageous outfits worn for the sake of rocking the eyes, not just the ears. Whereas many bands simply play in semi-ironic t-shirts expecting crowds to appreciate their style, Bone Appetit assaulted the audience visually using leather, tight pants, bandanas, and cowboy hats; culminating with a display of flesh usually reserved for venues that require you to sit on your hands when you watch the entertainers.

So it seems appropriate now that we honor here some of the high-lights and low-lights of Bone Appetit's attire over the years.

Most Texture Variation in a Single Outfit

Sudden Death

Leather. Faux-snakeskin. Velvet. Cotton. Neil Young's sideburns.

Best Use of a Time Machine

Johnny Heartless

I swear you can't buy or even make this kind of stuff today.

Best Impersonation

Richie Gunns as Buckethead

Extra Crispy™ Richie.

Worst Use of a Wedding Ring in a Rock n' Roll Photo

Johnny Heartless

Rock on dude. Pick up milk on your way home.

Most Consistent Douchebag in Photos

Double Barrel

Double Barrel was always the most heavily Photoshopped on the flyers.

Best Crazy-Lookin' Motherf*cker

Sudden Death

Can you imagine waiting at a bus stop and this guy walks up? Yikes.

Most Worn Single Article of Clothing

Hot Rod's Rock n' Roll Garage Sale T-Shirt

Hot Rod wore this goddamn thing nonstop for over a year.

Honorable Mention: Jizzy's The Dames t-shirt that was worn throughout the whole Reno or Hell tour and never washed. It was necessary to keep it in the trailer with the gear so as not to give anybody an infection.

Worst Makeup

Richie Gunns as Ace Frehley

Frehley's Vomit.

Best Hairy, Sweaty Back

Jizzy Young

Jizzy "The Animal" Steele.

Participation Award
Mr. Ten

A Fuzzy Navel gets Mr. Ten fired up for the big show.

Best Accessory

Johnny Heartless' Raccoon Tail

Adored by women, chased by dogs.

Best Tank Top

Blade Phillips' Mesh Nipple Net

No doubt his face was in many a smell machine thanks to this top.

Best T-shirt

Hot Rod's "Eat Me" t-shirt

Perhaps the greatest shirt ever worn by anybody.

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