Welcome to day 7 of a 30-day tribute to the history of Duluth's favorite
sons, Bone Appetit. Use the Calendar at right to view days you missed.

April 7 - We're Goin' to Homegrown!
Double Barrel came home from class one day and was greeted by Hot Rod with the news that they had received a phone call letting Bone Appetit know that they had indeed been accepted to play the Homegrown Festival. Granted they had been issued the first time slot on Saturday evening, but it was nonetheless a step towards acceptance in the elite music community of Duluth.

The band was aware of their limitations though and in a nervous attempt to stave off easy criticisms about their ability, opted to call themselves out. Bone Appetit was "Duluth's Worst Band" and yes, they knew it. They didn't know, however, that the moniker would stick and evolve with the band becoming synonymous with the name Bone Appetit.

Bone Appetit also wished to post flyers around the UMD campus to draw collegiate peers to their big debut,however in order to do so they needed to get approval from the school. In order to get their designs cleared they promoted Homegrown as a school function by simply putting the KUMD logo on the flyer.

A secondary design was also submitted, however it was not approved for posting around the school for obvious reasons.

They also took advantage of their connections to get on the front page of the UMD Statesman, the official student paper of the college. You can view and read the full story here.

So the band began practicing diligently for the big event, but whether or not it showed is open for debate. May 6th finally arrived, the borrowed van was packed full of gear and Bone Appetit, looking goofier than ever, headed down the hill to fulfill their destiny...

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