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April 19 -   Bone Appetit goes to church, makes album

After the lackluster showing from the Domino's Recordings, Bone Appetit bit the bullet and decided that in order to make the album they wanted, one that really did indeed rock, they would need professional help.

Enter Eric Swanson, respected veteran soundman and all around nice guy. Apparently he had forgiven Bone Appetit for their behavior at Homegrown 2 because he personally expressed having an interest in recording Bone Appetit. Much like why a man would choose to climb Everest, Bone Appetit would be the ultimate challenge for Swanson. Could he help the band, as the Ripsaw worried "crank down the suck level enough" to make the album listenable?

Eric Swanson turns Richie up to 11

The band entered Sacred Heart Recording Studio in the summer of 2002. An old Central Hillside cathedral built in the late 1800's, Sacred Heart seemed an unlikely venue for a band that proudly shouted lyrics like "I'll kill you, and every one of fucking you."

Bone Appetit also had the goals of making the album quickly and therefore cheaply. Thankfully they had two things going for them; they knew the material well by now, and they weren't allowed to drink inside the church.

Over the next week and a half, Bone Appetit would return to the studio each evening to record a song or two, and then proceed directly to the bar with a freshly-burned CD in hand for drinks and high-fives. Truly they felt they were making something special.

Richie won the Candlebox look-alike contest that day in the studio

Hot Rod is up to no good here and Heartless is clearly not amused.

Double Barrel was unchained from his drumset here
and allowed to roam free for ten minutes.

The recording was mostly uneventful, save for the aforementioned Johnny Heartless drama, as Swanson kept the band focused on the task at hand. The album was completed in a respectable amount of time and was rushed off to be mastered by another local musician, Alan Cragin.

Meanwhile Bone Appetit, now a four-piece, began work on the album cover, holding a photo shoot in Barrel's apartment. Much like the style of their popular flyers, the cover would feature a photo of the band posing in all their rock glory.

This is probably how Motley Crue did it too.

So after months of effort and several false starts, the record was finally ready. The disc was mastered, the album art was printed (after-hours at Barrel's work), jewel cases were stuffed, and so it was time for a party.

Look for more details about the making of the album and the CD release party on the Message Board.

Also, remember that you can download the entire Bone Appetit album FREE here on sexiestband.com. Head over to MP3s if you haven't done so yet.

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