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April 20 -   Bizzness Picks Up

Bone Appetit wasted little time in acquiring a new guitar player in the consummate Jizzy Young. Although much happened after the CD release party, including a last-minute debut show on First Avenue's legendary Mainstage and a smoldering set on Halloween in St. Paul, Bone Appetit still found themselves lacking a certain something ...

Now it would be a injustice to talk about Jizzy Young without first acknowledging his career prior to Bone Appetit. A native of Superior, Jizzy played in several noteworthy bands including Puddle Wonderful and The First Ladies.

Interestingly enough, both Double Barrel and Richie Gunns actually witnessed Jizzy Young playing with Puddle Wonderful in 1998, their freshman year at UMD, at school sponsored event. The two were in a crowd of ten or so that actually came out on a Friday night to the so-called Bull Pub to see local bands play. Both were entranced with Jizzy's stage presence, culminating when he jumped and literally broke through the stage platforms without missing a note.

During his tenure with the First Ladies as 3D Jesus 2.x, he had many memorable moments and, behind only Hot Rod, appears to be the most referenced local musician in the Ripsaw's The Buzz column. Of particular note is a show the First Ladies played with Bone Appetit on February 16, 2001. Bone Appetit opened for the Ladies and Manplanet and after their set an extremely drunk fan began harassing the Ladies' female vocalists, eventually climbing on stage and dancing around. Jizzy built up a full head of steam and ran headlong into the poor bastard, hip-checking him off of the 4' stage and onto the hard concrete below. After completing the song, Jizzy took to the mic to claim something along the lines of "Now that we've gotten rid of the George Bush supporters, we can play a little Bob Dylan". This moment is captured on video, however the clarity doesn't warrant showing here.

His engrossing stage presence with both aforementioned bands fell right in line with Bone Appetit's style and so it seemed a perfect fit that he finally join them in November of 2002. His debut performance took place at the Norshor Theater and can be viewed in the video below:

Jizzy brought to the band a fresh perspective and his affection for their sound and style was evident in his enthusiastic songwriting. He quickly penned "Fight Night", "Reign in Hell", "The Brawler", and "Never Grow Up" for the band. His presence brought about (as described before) a second Renaissance for Bone Appetit.

On top of being a strong musician, Jizzy Young was also an incredibly generous, genuine, and hospitable bandmate, offering up his own basement for Bone Appetit's practice space. Jizzy became something of a mentor figure for the band as well, as his maturity (at least off-stage) and experience lent itself well to a band adrift in terms of it's goals and direction. Jizzy would be instrumental in helping the band get out and complete its first and only tour, 2003's "Reno or Hell."

You can download several never-before released Jizzy Young authored tracks recorded live during a practice below:

Reign in Hell.mp3 - 4.8 MB

Never Grow Up.mp3 - 2.1 MB

The Brawler.mp3 - 2.1 MB

He brought to the band great talent, boundless energy, and more nudity. A shirt stays on Jizzy's back like a bikini stays on a girl with low self-esteem on Spring Break, and his semi-naked frame became a fixture at many a Bone Appetit show.

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