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April 12 - The Greatest Flyer Ever Made

Bone Appetit was becoming a local favorite, and opening slots for them were quickly becoming illogical, as Bone fans would usually only show up for them, and right after their set the party would migrate to wherever had the cheapest 8.0 beer and kamikazes. It was time for the guys to step up to the plate. It was time to headline.

Thanks to Hot Rod's second home being the Norshor Theater, and the rest of the band members' income going there as well, owner Rick Boo allowed Bone Appetit to host their first big event there.

Plans were Photoshopped up for the show (with ramps even!) as the band didn't want anything less than spectacular. If a rock show could be a bar mitzvah, this would be the night Bone Appetit became men.

The posters mocked-up behind the band are of the "late" Mr. Ten,
who was no longer playing with the band, but memorialized in song.

Bone Appetit set out to create a flyer for the show that captured all of the band's style and substance. Whereas many bands in Duluth at the time would create flyers with drawings, obscure photos, or nonsensical imagery, Bone Appetit went right for the jugular and put themselves, shirtless, up front for all to see. A photo shoot was conducted in the apartment shared by Hot Rod, Ritchie, and assorted vermin.

After some cleaning up and sloganeering, here is the final flyer in all its glory:

Note current Low bassist Blade Phillips -Matt Livingston-
with nine smokes stuffed in his mouth. Rock on!

Large poster size versions of these flyers were printed up for the big show and hung in the entryway of the Norshor Theater. Both were nabbed immediately afterwards by rabid fans, and legend has it one hung for years in the office of the Ripsaw News.

This flyer even won a Sawyer Award for Best Flyer from the Ripsaw News that year.

“Girls love them. Guys want to be them.” No question about it, Bone Appetite is one hell of a show. They take one back to high school big hair days, Metallica concerts and the great Ozzy Ozborne. If you can’t make a show, swipe one of their almost-life-sized posters, hang it on your living room wall, crank some Poison, spew beer (geyser style) around the room while dancing, preferably really close to someone else. Maybe even exchange hickies or something."

As for the show itself, there really isn't room here to show any more photos, so check the Message Board for some photos and stories describing how it all went down.

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