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April 18 -   Love, Lust, & Pizza Dough:
The Domino's Sessions

Butt-Rock is on line-1, shall I say you're out?

Bone Appetit had a string of successful live performances under their belt and some material that was certainly ripe for recording. It was decided that the band would again try crafting the next album themselves, making the record on Double Barrel's computer. The first attempt took place at their shared house, with the drum set moved upstairs into Barrel’s 10'x10' bedroom. It was quickly realized that this was an inefficient way to work and only one song was fully recorded in that setting, a roughly-mixed version of "Brain Invaders". You can hear this recording below:

Brain Invaders.mp3 - 3.1 MB

An alternative recording site was found when Johnny Heartless negotiated a deal with the owner of the building where he operated his Domino's franchise to lease (short term and under the table) the other side of the building.

So for several weeks the members of Bone Appetit made the 20 minute drive west from Duluth to Pike Lake to record. The space was a ugly little office, clearly built in the late 70's, with four small rooms. The band kept the computer, mixer, and other recording gear in one room while the actual performances took place in the adjacent room.

Here is a clip of Double Barrel doing a quick mic check before recording.

Due to equipment constraints, the band was forced to records each instrument one at a time. This made for lengthy sessions, and the members not participating on a given night turned to liquor and shenanigans for entertainment. Hot Rod in particular would often find himself devoid of responsibilities, so he mainly sat around cracking jokes and drinking straight Gin with a splash of water from the bathroom sink.

Late one evening, Hot Rod came up with the idea to have a video shot of him in a hot tub with a glass of gin claiming that “the best part about drinking Gin ... is that you never run out of mix,” whereby he would scoop his glass into the bubbling water and toast the camera. This is perhaps the greatest Bone Appetit moment to never actually happen, therefore the following is necessary:

An artist's conception

These particular sessions are also highlighted by a fist-fight that almost broke out between Hot Rod and Richie. The band was taking a break by rehearsing together in the space and found themselves struggling with a cover of Judas Priest's "Breakin' the Law." Upon being told by Richie that perhaps things would go better if he actually knew the lyrics, Hot Rod shoved him into a nearby wall spilling Richie's cocktail in the process. The other members of the band quickly intervened before things got ugly and the rest of practice was cancelled that night.

The Domino's sessions were obviously plagued with technical and inspirational problems and so only two songs actually came out of the them; "Rev My Engine Up" and "Fight to Kill." You can listen to both of those recordings here:

Rev My Engine Up.mp3 - 2.6 MB

Fight to Kill.mp3
- 2.7 MB

Although the two tracks sounded better than any previous Bone Appetit recording, it was felt that they still lacked something. Bone Appetit had serious aspirations about make a really good record, and to do so they finally realized that they required the help of a professional …

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