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April 10 - Twenty Bucks and I'll Shut Up Right Now

One of the strangest aspects of Bone Appetit, was their unconscious ability to attract some of the most colorful and unsavory characters into their fold. One of particular note is a Mr. Max Blast, who appeared to fulfill on some levels a managerial role within the band. His primary duty however, was to introduce the band at prestigious shows.

Max Blast was on Bone Appetit like stink on poo the minute they had attracted the attention of club owners and naive college girls alike, and was often seen hanging out at the Bone Appetit residence. Little is known about Max's past, but his sense of style was unparalleled in Duluth and like cheap musk, was repugnant yet commanding at the same time.

A perfect match for Bone Appetit, Blast's showmanship would have overshadowed a lesser band. His unpredictable personality made for some memorable emceeing moments, including throwing fried chicken into the crowd, referring to the band as being from "Los Angeles, Hollywood, California" and the always classic announcement that the band would in fact, not be playing that night to a chorus of boos.

Blast could be something of a litmus test for the show as well. Depending on how hostile they were towards Max, the band would know before they took the stage how badly that particular crowd needed to be rocked, and could adjust accordingly. Once at a show in Minneapolis, Blast even fronted the band for sound check while Hot Rod was securing a drink, singing in his timeless lounge style and thanking the crowd after every measure.

Max impressively (and unannounced) follwed Bone Appetit across the country on their famous Reno or Hell Tour in 2003, amazingly showing up exactly at show time each night, regardless of the time-zone changes or knowledge of the band's schedule. It was on this trip that Blast and Death had a notoriusly mean bender that kept them out cruising the streets of Reno until 8am the next morning.

Blast was a man for the ages, and his place in the history of Bone Appetit is guaranteed. His exact whereabouts today are unknown, however sources put him somewhere on the West Coast.

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