April 1, 2005

30 Days of Bone Appetit History, "April schlock brings May rock" is underway. Check the homepage each day in April for a stinky nugget of the band's history. We'll also see you at Homegrown 8 in May!


MAY 9, 2005

Welcome back to the Bone Appetit website!

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us Friday night, we had a blast at both shows. Unfortunately we were unable to win the annual kickball game for the Friday night team, but we played a hell of a game. Jizzy was a fantastic second baseman, making sure to pour beer on anyone who dared get in front of him, and Hotrod will forever be remembered for making "the move". Ben There Done That looked good on first base, while Richie was just lookin' good. Again, a big thank you to all who came out to see us, we hope you had as much fun as we did.


APRIL 26, 2005

Welcome back to the Bone Appetit website!

It's official, Bone Appetit will be playing at Fitger's Tap Room, Friday May 6th at 9:00 p.m. with Boku Frequency, Crew Jones, The Keep Aways, and The Black Eyed Snakes. We are very excited about the line up and are looking forward to kicking some ass. Hopefully we'll see you all there!

-Richie Gunns

APRIL 18, 2005

Welcome back to the Bone Appetit website!

Despite rumblings of a Homegrown boycott, Bone Appetit will be playing regardless of any setbacks to the event. Homegrown has given us a lot of really fun memories and we see absolutely no reason to let money or anything else stop us from having a great time again this year. Although we are unaware of our time slot or venue yet, we're ready to put on one hell of a show. Things are sounding better and better every week, can't wait to get out there.

-Richie Gunns


Welcome back to the Bone Appetit website!

It's been awhile since we've updated this thing but a lot has happened. We would like to thank DB from the bottom of all our hearts for all his hard work over the years, and for putting up with us. Good luck to you!

It's time to get things rolling again and what better time to do it than Homegrown time. Bone Appetit has found it's new drummer in Jackie and the Rip-offs slugger Ben Craig. Although an official band name hasn't been set in stone, rest assured he is the right man for the job. We've been rehearsing for the last few weeks and things sound great. We're looking forward to doing some recording, and possibly releasing a live album from this year's Homegrown event. We are also looking forward to playing some more shows over the summer for you guys, so keep checking back. It's been awhile, but Bone is back, bigger and better than ever, can't wait to get out there and rock!

-Richie Gunns



Holy Crap. I haven't updated this page in over a year! Damn.

Well, on to business. I regret to inform any of you die-hard Bone Appetit fans that as of today, I'm leaving the band. I've had the good fortune of getting a job offer out in Seattle with Amazon.com and so Ms. Barrell and I are packing up and heading west.

I don't feel that I could do justice to describing all the wonderful times I've spent with friends and fans as a result of being in this great band, nor do I feel this rarely-viewed page is the best place to do so. Just know that I do and will always cherish the memories of:

Every cup of beer that missed Hot Rod and hit my drums
Every ridiculous pair of pants Sudden Death bought
Every goofy face Johnny Heartless made for photos
Every stage gimmick Richie Gunns invented for the big shows
Every one of Jizzy's sweat-stained solos
Every missed beat and accompanied dirty look
Every time the lights came up and Hot Rod counted us off

   and of couse...

Each and every one of you, our fans. Thank you. Endlessly.




No doubt in my mind, the tour was a success. We had small crowds but they were very supportive, we sold a little merch, and there were no fistfights amongst band members. All in all I think everybody had a lot of fun and we're looking forward to hitting the road again come spring 2004.

Not much right now in terms of shows, we're taking a little break but here's hoping we can find some good shows around the state fairly soon. I know that there is an itch to record something soon too. Although I don't think the next release will be the sequel to Love, Lust, and Rock n' Roll, an EP may be in our future.



Well we played last Thursday at the old Palace bar in Superior (now called Odyssey's Rock n' Roll Cafe & Sports Emporium - seriously) and it was a lot of fun. Reno Divorce were great and are really nice guys. It was a pleasure opening for them...and if things work out, we'll be hanging with them in Denver when we pass through on tour in a few weeks...maybe even have a show to play in Colorado too? Who knows?

As for the tour... big props to Jizzy who has lit the fire under this band's collective ass and got us thinking about making a splash outside of our cozy little lakeside town. We've got 5 shows in 6 nights so far, spanning from Minneapolis to Reno, NV. Should be a very interesting week. As much as I've been doubting our ability to get along with eachother for long periods of time in a cramped car, I think we'll all survive and have a kick ass time on the road. Hopefully everything will go off without a hitch and we'll make some new fans along the way and enough cash to get us home. By the way, if anyone has friends in any of the towns we're stopping in, please let them know that Minnesota's guilty-pleasure, Bone Appetit, is coming their way.

that's it for now...



Why even have a news section if it's almost 4 months between updates, you might ask?  Good question, I'm not sure, but the news is now updated, it's 2003.  Happy New Year and Valentine's Day as well...it's now almost April and Bone Appetit is back in a big way.

Well after a much needed and welcomed hiatus, Bone Appetit has returned to playing live, with our new guitar player Jizzy Young and a slew of new songs.  This coming Saturday we've got a fun show lined up at Dean's Tavern in St. Paul with our good friends from BOTH.  We're hoping to impress the venue with a big turnout so we can play more often in the Cities so please come out to party with us and bring your friends!

In other band news, Sudden Death has moved back to the Cities but still is a member of the band and will be laying down those sweet bass grooves at all upcoming shows.   Hot Rod has moved to Superior, WI to cash in on the cheaper beer and shorter drive to work.  In the BIGGEST NEWS STORY TO HIT THE BAND IN MONTHS, Richie Gunns has gotten a job.  He is now selling pianos in a store in Sup-town, hopefully making enough to fix his damn guitar amp.  Way to go Ryan!  Jizzy Young is busy writing lots of new songs for Bone Appetit, he's already penned several winners you'll be hearing very soon. Double Barrel works, cleans his apartment, and and plays his GameCube as often as he can.

Spring has sprung in Duluth (although you wouldn't know it today) so expect to see the guys from Bone Appetit out and about an in good moods.  We've got some cool dates coming up here in Duluth soon, as well as some potential Cities gigs we're looking into... you know where to go to find out about upcoming shows...

Thanks to all our many freinds and fans who make our Message Board the best place to waste time.

See you in St. Paul on Saturday!



Update time.  This one will be short but sweet.  Lots of shows coming up in December, make sure you get out at least once time this month and see Bone Appetit...it's been a long year, you deserve it!

As far as the big news goes, Jizzy Young has joined Bone Appetit on guitar.  A former member of Puddle Wonderful and The First Ladies, he's finally found his way "home."  Folks, truely, the sound that he brings to the band takes it to a whole new level.  Along with Richie Gunns, the two-gutiar sonic assualt has to be witnessed!  Check it out.

In other news, the second pressing of the debut CD will happen soon, as the first batch has all but sold, or been given away to cute girls or people who bring the band drinks on stage.  So that's good.... still a few left if you need a last minute Christmas present idea.  Just email the band.

That's really all for now...hit the message board too...



Geez, this is pathetic.  Once a month this section gets updated.  We hope no one is actually sitting around, waiting for the next news break on this site...

Anyway, things have been pretty good for the band, low-key, but good.  Halloween in the Cites went well, once again Bone Appetit rocked Brewbakers and gained some new fans.  Then the next night they came right back up to Duluth and played again, this time with Planet Melvin (who really kicked ass, shame not many people were there) and Wasted Generation.  The beginning of November saw some more time off for the band, but momentum is building for the next month or so.  Several shows at the Shor are coming up as well as their debut at Beaners Central in West Duluth in December.  As always, the band is working to get back down to the Cities for some more shows...(not hard enough though)

Still a few copies of the album left from the first pressing, the band really needs to try selling them at the shows a little harder.  If you don't have your copy yet, email boneappetit22@hotmail.com or pick one up at the next show.

Some new material is also being worked out by the band for future recordings and there is rumor of Bone Appetit picking up another guitarist in the near future...we'll keep you posted.

And lastly, the boys of Bone Appetit are spearheading a great new compilation album that will come out in early spring of 2003, Duluth Does KISS is sure to have some great moments on it by some great bands...keep checking www.duluthdoeskiss.com for updates...

keep rockin', keep rollin'...



Well once again it's time to apologize for the lack of updates on the Bone Appetit site, but this time there is a good excuse.  The band's drummer, Double Barrel, got a sudden case of appendicitis and was hospitalized for a week and took some time off to recover (he does have a sexy, new scar for all the ladies who were wondering...).  Anyways, as a result, the band has been idle for a few weeks but are now ready to make some rock noize.  

They played a blistering-fast set last night at the NorShor in Duluth for a friend's going-away party.  In typically Bone Appetit fashion, they should have stopped while they were ahead, but instead took advantage of some free drinks and decided to do "Bad Cover Hour."  Highlights (or low-lights depending on the person you ask) included Motley Crue's Home Sweet Home, Hot Rod's solo rendition of In the Still of the Night, and a revival of their classic Bone Appetit cover of Crimson and Clover.  Quite exciting!

In other news, looks like Bone Appetit will be returning to the Cities in October to play a Halloween show with their friend's The Fighting Tongs at Brewbakers, more info on that show coming soon.

The debut CD, "Love, Lust, and Rock n' Roll" has been moving well and the band will be doing a second pressing soon.  If you haven't gotten yourself a copy yet, email the band at boneappetit22@hotmail.com or buy one off them at an upcoming show.

That's about it for now... keep a-rockin'



Busy...busy...busy.  Bone Appetit finally got the chance to relax a little bit after their big CD Release Party blow-out.  The band had a great time playing, the look of the stage kicked ass, the opening bands were cool, and they sold an impressive amount of their new CD, "Love, Lust, and Rock n' Roll."

There are still copies available for purchase at the Electric Fetus in Duluth (at Cheapo and the Fetus in Minneapolis soon!) and will be available at all upcoming shows.  To say it's the best rock n' roll album to come out of Minnesota this millenium would be a huge understatement.  You owe it to yourself to buy it, live with it, and love it.

Some shows coming up pretty soon too... They've got (Dis)Orientation this Friday (Bone Appetit's first "official" outdoor gig), The Keepaway's "reunion" show at the Norshor, and hopefully another Cities gig (in the works).

...just a small update for all you rockers this time...back with more soon!



Sorry for the lack of updates everyone.  It's been a big couple of weeks for the band.  Bone Appetit played First Ave's mainstage at the end of last month, and then went right back to the Cities to do a show with The Fighting Tongs at Brewbakers.  The band got a good reception at both shows and made some new fans and friends.  

Bone Appetit's "debut" CD is also near completion.  After a few nights of mixing down the recordings, Eric Swanson and the band finalized a sound they were really excited about.  Alan Cragin is now mastering the disc and it should head off to the printers this week.

In other exciting news, Bone Appetit finally landed a good practice spot and intends to do some woodsheddding to hone their set and come up with some new songs as well.

In the last bit of news, the band has set a date for their CD release party in Duluth.  They'll be playing the NorShor theater on Saturday, August 31 with several special guests that are TBA.  The band is also working on a venue for a Minneapolis/St. Paul CD release party.  Keeping checking back here for updates...



The band is proud to announce their triumphant return to Minneapolis with a special appearance on the main stage of First Avenue for a Garage Sale event to benefit the DAM Foundation.  

Bone Appetit will be appearing with FLAMIN' OHS, HOWLIN' ANDY HOUND and others...

Advance tickets are available online at Ticketmaster and Ticketmaster outlets for only $2.00, or you can buy them at the door for $6.00.  Bone Appetit will take the stage at 7:00pm.  Tell all your cute friends about "Duluth's Sexiest Band" and all the naughty rock n' roll love they want to share with them...



Bone Appetit has set their CD Release Party date for Saturday Aug. 31, 2002.
This show will be held upstairs in the Mezzanine of the NorShor Theater... more details to come...



Bone Appetit has finally finished the recording phase of their new album "Love, Lust, and Rock n' Roll" at Sacred Heart Music Center/Spinout Studios.  All that is left is a night or two of mixing the tracks down.  Look for the album to be done by the end of August and available at shows and local stores.



Bone Appetit had a very successful showing at the 7th St. Entry on June 25th.  The band played one of their best shows to date to a packed house of rabid fans and onlookers. Apparently some of the First Ave. Staff were impressed enough to express serious interest in having the band play there again soon...developing...



Duluth's Sexiest band recently recorded the classic hit "Let's Do It" for a special compilation put together by Dogtalk Studios.  Called "Superior Street Rock," it will be out in stores in the next few weeks.  Bone Appetit will play a record release party for this album on July 26 at Roundabout Records.