Hot Rod - Vocals

Richie Gunns - Guitar

Double Barrel - Drums

Sudden Death - Bass

Jizzy Young - Guitar

Hailing from Duluth, MN, Bone Appetit is equal parts Misfits/Ramones punk rock and early Mötley Crüe/Guns N Roses rawk grandeur. Bone Appetit is a long race between rock and roll stardom and an early death, and no one is quite sure who's winning, but like a car shooting off a cliff you have to watch and go, "Gawd!"

Forming in the basement world of Duluth's infamous Central Hillside ghetto about three years ago, Bone Appetit has slashed out a comfortable niche in the vibrant Twin Ports music scene. The early shows were nothing more than out of control keg parties that got so huge, bouncers were needed to police the door. During this period Bone Appetit earned, and wholly deserved the proud title of Duluth's Worst Band. (See Ripsaw News, "Getting Ripped) The boys made the big leap from the basement to the stage at the Twin Ports local music festival Homegrown 2. After leaving the stage covered in broken glass and spilled beer, local infamy soon followed.

Maybe it was too many basement shows. Maybe it was too many sober moments with their instruments. Maybe everyone watching them just lowered their standards, but something began to change in the band. The shows became tighter. The songs became better and the local scenesters began to embrace Bone Appetit as one of their own. Their first real stab outside of the Twin Ports was last summer's sold out 7th Street Entry show on new band night which was rewarded with a slot opening for the legendary Flaming Oh's! in the First Ave. mainroom. Heartened by their successes, the boys entered Sacred Heart Recording Studios with local engineer/sound legend Eric Swanson (Low, Black Eyed Snakes, Crash Test Dummies) and whipped up a blazing sonic document that attempted to capture the sound of those first few years.

Released last fall, Love, Lust, and Rock and Roll met with favorable local reviews and sales in the Twin Ports. (See Ripsaw News, Duluth News-Tribune reviews) It would seem that underneath the sweat, beers, and bad clothing choices some real rock nuggets were waiting to pop out. Shortly after releasing the record, the band recruited the rhythm guitar/songwriting services of Jizzy Young and now along with Hot Rod-vocals, Double Barrel-drums, Sudden Death-bass, and Richie Gunns-lead guitar the current line-up is solid, tight, and louder than ever. Since their debut release the band has played regularly in the Twin Ports and the Twin Cities continuing to win over new fans.

The band is currently looking to expand outside the comfortable confines of the Twin Ports music scene and to bring their special brand of rawk and roll to stages across the country. Equal parts suck and brilliance, a Bone Appetit show is like no other. Some people pump fists in the air and chant along to the anthems "That's Rock and Roll" or "In My Arms Tonight," while others stand back and smirk at the tongue-in-ass humor of "Burning Love" or "Hepatitis A." Some don't know what the hell is going on but watch with the fascination one gets while watching open-heart surgery on late night TV with a warm beer buzz. And everybody has a cigarette lighter to hold in the air for the monster ballad "Drive Away." Joke or dead serious. Quick-witted irony or big dumb rawk, it's all the same to the boys in the band. They'll let you decide, but it's all Bone Appetit. And it's coming dangerously close to your daughter soon.